Frequently Asked Questions. Don't be shy, we know you've got some.


Does the band come in different sizes?

No, we've made it very easy for you - our standard line-up is a Trio, consisting of Keys, Upright Bass and Drums. All our repertoire is written for this line-up, so we don't play in any smaller or larger band sizes.


I'd like to book a band, but I really want dancing. Any suggestions?

We get this a lot, and in short while we can absolutely get people shuffling and moving enthusiastically for a set, if you want a Splendour-esque dancefloor we recommend that you either add a DJ such as DJ Damo to the booking, or if you're after a band then you should check out our friends The Usual Suspects or Twentysomethings. Both excellent Sydney covers bands.


Do you provide PA and Lighting Equipment?

Great question. On every event we perform at, we provide a small PA for our band breaks, to ensure that you have background music when we're not on-stage. Lighting-wise, we provide 4 x LED parcans to create a general stage-wash on the night. It's nice. You'll like it.


My uncle played Clarinet in Primary School, and would like to join in for a song.

Thrilled he wants to be involved, but this is never a good idea. Professional musician or very accomplished high-school level musician? Absolutely. Owns an instrument and bought a copy of Miles Davis' "So What" in 1994? Best to leave the Clari at home.


My venue is asking for your insurance. Please tell me you have some?

Considering that we have seen all manner of carnage in our decade as a band, the first thing we renew every year is our Public Liability insurance, which covers us up to $20million. We've never had to claim on it, but like a spare tyre or a First-Aid kit, you can rest easy knowing that it's there.


How many sets do you play?

As many as we can, within the restrictions of your runsheet! We play 45 minute sets with 15 minute breaks, so generally across a standard 4-5 hour event you'll end up with about four sets once formalities are taken into account.


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