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We formed in 2007 to fill a gap we'd seen in the Sydney music scene - people's interest in jazz was waning, because jazz musicians were alienating their audiences. We all have tertiary jazz degrees, and having been involved with countless 'passion projects' that called for an upright bass to be played with a number plate and were delivered to an enthusiastic crowd of three people, we realised what needed to be done to bring jazz back to the people. Modern repertoire, jazz style. Thus Ellipsis was born!

This is the part where we could put that we've been fortunate enough to perform in every state in Australia, and that we've been lucky enough to play over 500 gigs across the wedding and corporate sphere since we formed, including gigs for Facebook, Google and Ferrari. We could, but we won't - we're far too humble.

One final point - our other core mantra when we formed was to ensure that we operated with a level of consistency that was sorely lacking in our industry due to the rise of collectives and 'bait and switch' bands, so our line-up is exactly the same on every gig that we do. No gambles, no surprises, just your favourite songs like you've never heard them before.

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